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Are you ready to take your relationships, confidence, and connections to the next level? Are you ready to finally feel at home in your life and in your pleasure?

Well you are in the right place.

I'm Ebony Kenney, an international pleasure expert and dating and clarity coach, who teaches you how to connect, date, and feel confident in any situation. I empower individuals to have highly connected, purposeful relationships with not only others, but themselves as well.

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The Uncaged Collective's Mission

Better Experiences

Learn how to make your dating life work FOR, rather than against you. 

Take Pleasure in Your Pleasure

Learn how being intentional and mindful helps create fullness and pleasure in every action and experience.

Radical Confidence

I show you the secrets to confidence: in yourself, your life, and even your career by fostering and attracting the LOVE you want.

When I founded the Uncaged Collective I had one thing in mind - helping others achieve their maximum potential in life through intentional interaction. Clients of all shapes, sizes, and genders have taken control of their dating, their careers, and their lives like never before. Join them. 

-- Ebony Kenney

Retreats and Getaways

Being a part of the collective means being part of the family. I organize multiple trips, retreats, conferences, and trips each year. 

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"I had the confidence thing down, but I always had trouble with building a long term connection. With Ebony, I learned how to create a space that everyone could benefit from, and it's improved my dating life astronomically."

Darryll Fish
Winner of over $4 Million in Poker Tournaments

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One-on-One Coaching

If you've been looking for advice and support that really works, then you're in the right place. Together, we will get you the love life you deserve.


Connected Conversations

Curated events exclusively for those who want to be a part of real conversation with like-minded individuals in an intimate setting.


Retreats and Getaways

The collective is a place of like-minded individuals helping each other live better lives full of fulfilling relationships.


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